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Microderm-abrasion, Skin Peels

Microderm-Abrasion Skin Peel (MDA)

Crystal Microderm abrasion can be used to treat a whole host of skin conditions, including blocked pores and black heads, milia, over productive or oily skin, scarring, pigmentation or just to refine the skin and smooth out fine lines. Medical grade crystal powder is sprayed over the skin under controlled conditions creating an intense exfoliation effect. The skin feels smooth and ultra clean after the treatment as fresh new skin cells have been revealed. Full consultation and after care is given by your highly trained therapist and skin care applied and advised upon. this treatment can be combined with black head removal and milia removal. Please contact us to book a free consultation.

Luxury MDA

The ultimate in deep pore cleansing incorporated into a facial tailored to suit your skin.

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