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Profile 2000 Slimming & Beauty presents Dermalogica® face mapping®. 

Expert analysis... targeted results by Dermalogica®.

Analysis of the skin is the foremost step in any skin treatment. From this you can design a treatment that's completely personalised to your client's need.

With Face Mapping® by Dermalogica® our skin therapists are armed with the ultimate in skin analysis meaning even better results with every treatment!

So, how does it work? Rather than simply relying on the eyes, our skin therapist will scrutinise the skin inch by inch using

both a magnifying lamp and her sense of touch.

While visual clues can help to identify problems, deeper congestion can only be determined by touch.

Not only does this groundbreaking method of analysis provide a much more accurate diagnosis of skin concerns, it can actually help to detect them before they even surface. Even better you now have a personalised Face Mapping® prescription sheet that will show you where problems were found and what products to use on those specific zones. This way, you only apply products to the parts of the face that need them, making your regimen both more results-oriented and cost-efficient.

Our skin therapists will also keep a copy of the Face Mapping®prescription sheet so that together with you, your progress can be charted.

Please contact Profile 2000 Slimming & Beauty to arrange an appointment.