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Universal Contour Wraps

Our classic treatment has been independently tested by the university of Westminster, with tests revealing that the treatment created measurable and sustained inch loss for all those tested.

Universal Contour Wrap

With tests revealing that the treatment created measurable & sustained inch loss for all those tested. An overview of the University of Westminster research is available on the universalcontourwrap.com website.

Inch Loss – The worlds only scientifically proven inch-loss wrap can help everyone from people looking to kick-start a slimming plan to those targeting stubborn areas in their quest for the perfect figure. Regardless of your shape or size you can rely on our unique formula to tighten and tone the body.

For more information on how a Classic wrap from Universal Contour Wrap can work for you please ask at Profile 2000 Slimming & Beauty.

Every Classic treatment uses a unique mineral rich solution made of only the highest quality ingredients. This commitment to quality enables us to deliver your 6” guarantee and retain our scientifically proven status for instant inch loss.

To ensure your treatment is genuine you will receive an official certificate displaying a security hologram with a unique serial number after each individual treatment you have. Please ensure you always take this home with you.Universal Contour Wrap

We guarantee you will lose at least 6” from your first treatment or have nothing to pay and providing you do not out on weight we guarantee you will sustain at least a 6” loss for a minimum of 30 days or receive a free treatment. Double guarantee only applies to your first full body wrap. After wrap instructions must be followed in full for guarantee to be valid.

A unique blend of mineral rich clay and specialist body wrapping techniques help cleanse and detoxify your body while actively compressing the soft fatty tissues, to create instant and lasting inch loss.

It works for me

Clair, 40 years – My husband booked a surprise holiday so there was no time for a pre-holiday diet – thank heavens for your Classic treatment, it did in 2 hours what my diet would do in weeks. 11” Lost.Universal Contour Wrap

Nicola, 36 years – It fits perfectly in to busy lifestyle. What other way can you lose so much, have a full body exfoliation and get a manicure at the same time? It’s a winner. 16” Lost.

Sally, 55 years – I was a bit sceptical at first, it seemed too good to be true and I thought it was going to be just temporary water loss. But I've been amazed the inches have stayed off and it’s now over a month since the treatment. 18.5” Lost.

Jane, 28 years – After my first baby I was struggling to get my shape back so a friend suggested I give it a try. I could not believe the results. I even look toned, not bad for someone who only just had a baby. 14” Lost.Universal Contour Wrap